Chirag Sharma

Join The Mentorship Program to Scale your Ecommerce Business


Why you should join mentorship?

Personalized Mentorship

Everyone has their own journey that's why to address you and your business personally we created mentorship program.

Quick Support

In mentorship Program I connect directly to my students which makes me provide solutions to them quickly.


When you’re working with someone experienced, you’ll save yourself a ton of time, money, and trouble than if you tried to do it yourself.

Practical Approach

With my mentorship program, you are in charge. I won’t just be teaching you. I will be showing you how it is done, and you my friend will be doing it.


Mentorship program is flexible no matter at what stage you are in your business, you'll get my support.

Free Courses

All my courses come free with mentorship to provide the better understanding & support to my students.

Here's something about me..

When I mentor someone I invest myself completely in making their business successful that is why I keep my mentorship program restricted to only hardcore business-minded people who are invested in their business.

If you’re thinking of this mentorship program as you hire me to run your business scheme, then let me burst that bubble for you. I don’t do that I believe in making people capable enough of running their business on their own, finding solutions to their problems on their own.


I only work with 5 candidates per month


Slots are very limited
This will be a paid program (25k – 50k INR FEES)
Budget Required: 40-50K INR
Duration: 8 weeks

Pre-book your mentorship slot now, your skype call will be adjusted on your final mentorship fees.(NOTE: Actual fees will be around 25k INR to 50k INR that depends on your budget and goals)

Not sure?

Let's Talk

Unable to decide If your business really need mentorship or not? No problem let’s have a brief  discussion discussion about your business over a call. Click on the button below to register yourself