Hi, I'm Chirag Sharma

Exploring Things And Sharing Experiences​

chirag sharma

I love Building things from scratch and scaling it.
and helping others do the same.

All it requires to be profitable in any Business is Clarity. And clarity will come from experiments and failures. But it is important that instead of repeating the same failures you should learn it from someone who has been there done that and do your own ” NEW MISTAKES”

Sharing my experiments and learning through Youtube and Courses.


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International Dropshipping

Learn How to Create an International Dropshipping Business From Beginning

Indian Ecommerce

Start & Launch Your Profitable Indian Ecommerce Business using the Right Strategies

Google Ads For International Dropshipping

Low on Budget? Start with Google Ads for your International Store. The most budget friendly course for International Dropshipping

Facebook Ads For International Dropshipping

Need help with Testing and setting criteria for testing? COMPLETE Facebook strategy about how to Start, when to kill an ad and when to Scale.

Instagram Influencers for International Dropshipping

The Fastest way to Earn From International Dropshipping with low Budget. Requires more efforts but is worth that extra efforts.

Facebook Ads for Indian Ecommerce

Learn how to test and scale using Facebook Ads in Indian E-commerce. Complete Journey from Zero to Crores.

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