How to Start an International Shopify Dropshipping Business from India

Starting an Online Business at this time is a very crucial thing at this time as we all have observed during this Pandemic that no one can rely on a single source of income. If your primary source of income is a job in that case you do realise how stressful this is. I have heard that starting a business is hard but so is living in that stress, that fear about what can happen next or what new trend will replace you. You have to be ready for that and that is why you do need an alternate source of income. Am completely not in favor of quitting your job without validating that you can earn from this or not. 

Start small, learn about how you can start an online business. The easiest one is dropshipping and also the most rewarding one. The primary reason behind this is DROPSHIPPING in a concept where you can sell products worth millions without buying anything upfront and another best part you can sell these products anywhere around the GLOBE. The most common website for Dropshipping is “Aliexpress” you must have heard about “ALIBABA” (this is for bulk orders) but with Aliexpress you can dropship single items too. The main reason why people prefer Aliexpress is because of Price. You can easily sell any item for 3-4x sometimes even more. 

Now if it is that easy why is not everyone doing this? Well, 90% of people are just testing their luck with this. It is simple but not that easy. Process is very simple but it requires patience, learning from mistakes and improving small things. One thing that you don’t understand is every person has a different journey, what worked for me won’t work for you. You’ll have your own set of challenges. And that is the most fun part about Dropshipping. I do agree sometimes it is depressing, you will feel lost, lonely but it’s a part of being an Entrepreneur you just have to make your peace with that.

Now coming to the process of Starting an International Shopify Dropshipping Business, there are 3 Main pillars to it.

  1. Product Research
  2. Store Setup
  3. Marketing

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